Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not a mystery hunt post

Lessons of the day (and it's not even 11:00 yet!):

1) Those full-height subway turnstiles will sometimes jam, even if you swiped your card and it said Go, and even if the person in front of you went through fine.

2) Those full-height subway turnstiles have a spoke right at the height of my mouth.

3) My dentist's office is not open on Wednesdays.

(It's just a couple of small chips, and there doesn't seem to be any pain (yet), but still, it sure feels funny.)

Monday, January 07, 2008


1) At least one blog post a week. I'm told that the posts I only write in my head don't count, so I'll even post them here.

2) Get to work at reasonable hours. Or, actually, leave for work at reasonable hours, since that leaves less room for weaseling about subway delays. So: leave home by 9:05 at least once a week, and later than 9:35 no more than once a week.

3) Stop wasting time reading stupid comments on new articles. And especially stop wasting time looking for the sane people who must be out there somewhere refuting them, because they're never really there.

The last one was prompted by an article about Ron Paul being left out of the Fox News-hosted Republican debate, though I can't find it now. A few pages down in the comments, someone pointed out that you can never trust polls, because many of them are commissioned by the same big media corporations that report them!

Just thinking about it makes my head hurt.