Wednesday, August 02, 2006


It's hot here. I managed to escape the last heat wave by running off to Seattle, but this time I'm stuck in New York. Today made it up to 95 (which wasn't bad, considering it was forecast to hit 100) and tomorrow's forecast for around 100 again.

And so what did I do this evening, and what am I doing tomorrow? I'm playing softball. They scheduled our last two games of the season for today and tomorrow. We barely have enough people to avoid forfeiting, so I don't really have much choice but to play. (If we forfeit now, we hurt our chances of getting back into a league for next year.) Sure, it's kind of fun, but getting beaten soundly two days in a row (because that's what will happen--our league this year is well above our abilities) in 95-degree heat is a bit much.

I've also been having power issues on and off all evening. I can understand power outages like the one in Queens that lasted over a week. They overload the equipment, the equipment blows up, and then they have to fix it. I'm sure it's really painful to be involved in it, but fundamentally the system is just broken and it takes time to get it running again. It's an exceptional case.

Brownouts and flaky power bother me more. Tonight, for example, my lights were noticably dimmer than usual. When I turned on another lamp, my little mini-UPS started beeping at me, even though the lights were all still on. Everything was just getting a little less power than it wanted.

Later, I completely lost power for about 5 seconds. Well, sort of. My flourescent desk lamp kept glowing a bit. And my computer (not actually plugged into the UPS, because it draws too much power when it turns on) stayed on for a couple seconds before it cut off too. And then it all just came back. Presumably, something somewhere in the system broke and failed over... but why can't they make it to fail over right before people lose power, instead of right after?

Ah well. Maybe once I finish fixing all of my bugs (not to mention failover procedures) at work, I can move on to fixing the rest of the world's bugs. Yeah.