Monday, October 02, 2006

A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language

A couple weeks ago, there was an article in the New York Times (Call It Booklyn, but they'll make you pay to read it) about how there's no point in being a writer in Brooklyn anymore. There's just too many of them here already. Whatever witty observations you have to make have already been made before, and whatever great places you find have already had a half-dozen novels set in them. For example, the protagonist in Brooklyn Follies lives a block away from me. The cover photo was shot a block in the other direction. That's my local hardware store in the background, and I've eaten several times at the cafe next to it.

Anyway, I've decided that there's no point in my ever drawing a webcomic, because the guy who draws xkcd apparently lives inside my head. The ones that I wouldn't have written personally all remind me of someone else I know. It's kind of scary, actually. Let's look at the past five comics:

Turn Signals. I used to watch the blinkers from the back seat of my parents' car when I was little, and I still do it now when I find myself in a car. I always wondered why, however many cars there were at a stop light, there were never two that blinked at the same frequency. The best reason I came up with was that if two cars were exactly in sync, the drivers behind them might get confused and think it was one car. Finally I decided that it was completely unintentional and it just wasn't worth anybody's time to precisely calibrate the time constant.

Playing Devil's Advocate to Win This is definitely me after I've read one too many articles about the world falling apart.

Donald Knuth Okay, this is kind of a lame joke. But it apparently made Vikki laugh out loud.

Angular Momentum Fine, it's overly cute, but if I were ever to be overly cute it might be in a way something like this.

Accident I've only played Katamari Damacy twice and this still made perfect sense to me.

And then there's this one, this one, this one, this one, this one (which somewhat-inexplicably makes me think of mcain), this one, and this one (which he's made into a T-shirt). They're not all laugh-out-loud funny, but they all make me smile, and they're mostly eerily familiar.

And then there's Pi Equals. And my favorite, Pillow Talk.