Friday, January 20, 2006


My athena account went away last night. Well, as much as athena accounts do nowadays, which is to say that my locker and email address are gone. And I can't ssh into the dialups anymore. But other machines still let me in, and I can still get my kerberos tickets, so it's not so bad.

Someone probably would have sponsored me, but I decided to let it go. Really, I've only used my account for three things recently: zephyr, email, and logging in when I visit campus. Zephyr still works fine, email should (philosophically) not be going to anymore anyway (since I'm not "at MIT" anymore), and I can use my cell phone if I really need web access on campus. So I'll survive.

I did one last inc last night for old time's sake. It brought me up to 123,316 total emails since I got to MIT. That's a lot of email, even if most of it is spam (which it is). It's kind of scary to look back and see the proportion of spam grow over the past 5+ years.

In other news, my 6.001 Underground Guide review was posted a while back. They gave me a 5.9/7.0, which is pretty good as TA ratings go. (But apparently my "blackboard technique and clarity could use a little work.") Several of the other 6.001 TAs managed 6.0s, but I got twice as many reviews as most of them, so my 5.9 is more statistically significant. So there.

In other other news, my thesis is now the most-cited reference on JCilk, with three whole citations. One of them's even hosted on a server not at MIT. It's just a matter of time before everyone's using JCilk, and they'll all have to cite me, because I wrote about it first. Muahahahaha. Cough.