Friday, February 25, 2005

IAP, belatedly

Pretend this was posted two or three weeks ago.

The second half of IAP went past fairly uneventfully. With Vikki still off on Asia, and my group gradually trickling in from Singapore, there weren't a whole lot of people around. But the chance for solitude was nice for a while, as was the option to stay home for a day without anybody caring.

I played with my iPod some more. It has actual music on it now, which definitely makes it more useful. The next step is getting rid of the music I don't like and finding more that I do.

Scifi Marathon happened. So did a blizzard. Conveniently, they were scheduled for the same time. "Wherever you are this evening around 7 PM we recommend you be prepared to stay there through at least noon tomorrow," the weather report said. That's kind of the philosophy of the marathon to begin with, except that we only goes until 7am.

I ended up sleeping through the last movie on a couch in building 32, then going ringing in the morning through the blizzard. Unfortunately, the T was Moving With Delays Due To Weather-Related Conditions, so I got there later than I meant to. Still, only two of us made it at all, so I counted it as a moral victory.

A bunch of people came ringing all three Saturday mornings, despite the cold and impending/lingering snow. A few even seem likely to stick with it. As always, we'll see.

I got a new watch and an iPod case, but not new sneakers.

Then Reg Day happened and term started. Oops.